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10 Ways to Make Your Home Cozier for Fall  - Barbecue World

10 Ways to Make Your Home Cozier for Fall

Furniture, flowers and a fireplace, natch

Now that summer’s over, get ready to spend more time in your home by making it as cozy as possible. Here’s how.

Buy Chairs That Pass the Snuggle Test

For furniture to be cozy, it has to do more than look good. It has to be comfortable enough to curl up in for hours. If it helps, bring a novel to the furniture store and read a chapter while you’re in a chair that you’re considering. If you don’t want to stop, your chair has passed the snuggle test. If not, well, keep looking.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Make sure your space is well lit. Different moods and household activities call for different lighting. Dimmer switches can help, but so can strategically placed floor and table lamps. Also, consider the difference between warm white bulbs and cool white bulbs.

Personalise at Least One Piece of Furniture

There’s no reason you have to keep furniture the way it came into your life. Maybe reupholstering your grandparent’s old wingback will make it more comfortable. Or maybe refinishing your inexpensive Ikea coffee table will leave you with the only teal and gold coffee table in town. Making your furniture more ‘you’ will make your home more inviting

Go Stack-Free

Stacks of mail, bills, old magazines, and more are stressful. For a space to be cozy it has to be stress-free, so get rid of your stacks. Maybe file it, maybe find a home for it, or maybe get rid of it. Scour anything that’ll detract from your coziness. Anything that looks like a to-do pile isn’t cozy.

Make It Smell Nice

Or at least, make sure your home doesn’t smell bad. If you aren’t sure what your home smells like, take a break from it for a day or two and make a note of the smell as soon as you get back. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use things like candles and room sprays to make your home smell nice. Some household plants can clean indoor air. And they make a room look nice too.

Don’t Squish Furniture Together

It might be a little counter intuitive, but opening your space up can make it more cozy. It should be easy for you and guests to navigate your home. That means leaving enough space between furniture such that no one has to move anything or squeeze by in order to get to where they’re going. Don’t put obstacles in the way of your coziness.

Knits, Knits Everywhere

Knits are ideal for optimal coziness. Layer them to maximise the effect. Keep in mind, knits don’t have to begin and end with blankets. You can get knit pillowcases, poufs, seat covers, and more. Knit teacup warmers, anyone?

Don’t Forget Flowers

Flowers can make a room more vibrant and welcoming. And if regular fresh flowers are too much of a hassle, consider drying some.

Find a Nook

In an home that’s reached peak cozy, there should be at least one space that’s always available for quiet relaxation, whether that’s a book, a cup of tea, or just activity-free time staring out the window. Find a space where there’s nothing else going on, outfit it with a comfy chair, several blankets, a table for your relaxation items, and a good lamp.

A Fireplace Is Cozy Central

Is there anything more cozy than sitting down to a roaring fire? Well yes: a roaring fire that you can activate with the flick of a switch. That’s why a gas fireplace is your home’s cozy central. It’s toasty, provides interesting lighting, and serves as a focal point for the room–if not your entire home.

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