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11 Barbecue Problems and the Trouble Shooting Tips to Fix Them

No one likes to come to the point where they say to themselves “@&!! my _____________ (you can fill in your own issue in that blank space) isn’t working properly, cooking right or just about any imaginable everyday problem that you may one day face with your barbecue. At Barbecue World we have encountered many barbecuing problems and how to fix them; we would like to share the solutions our years of experience helping fix them have taught us. We may not cover every single issue in this post but we will cover the major ones that 95% of all grillers experience at one time or another.

Problem #1 My Barbecue Is Not Hot Enough

Solutions: The new right-hand thread QCC1 system is designed to shut down the flow of gas to a minimal amount should it detect a cut or leak in the gas hose. It can also be triggered by turning on the cylinder valve too quickly.

To re-set it all you have to do is:

  1. Turn cylinder valve off.
  2. Turn off all burner knobs.
  3. Remove the regulator from tank.
  4. (It is now re-set)
  5. Connect regulator to tank.

*Always turn cylinder valve on very slowly for the first 1/4 turn. Turning the cylinder valve on too quickly releases an initial burst of pressure that can be detected by the system as a leak and activate the flow control device.

Another Solution is: Ask yourself is the burner knobs are “On” before opening the cylinder valve? Follow the proper lighting sequence.

Problem #2: The Burners Will Not Light


  1. Check to see if propane tank is empty.
  2. Ensure that the burner is sitting flat and level in the barbecue and that the venturi tubes (these are the tubes that extend from the burner to the control valves) are properly seated over the orifice(s) on the valve.
  3. Ensure burner has been thoroughly cleaned.


  • Certify orifice(s) and venturi tubes are absolutely clear and clean.
  • Check for insects like spiders.
  • Make sure that the igniter is working
  • Ensure cylinder valve is turned on and the regulator assembly is fully tightened to the cylinder valve.

Problem #3: The Flame Burns Out


  1. Make sure the barbecue is sufficiently preheated before turning to “Low”.
  2. Ensure venturi tubes are properly seated over the orifice(s) on the valve.
  3. Ensure venture tubes and orifice(s) are clear, clean and unobstructed
  4. Look out for insects like spiders or ants.

Problem #4: Black smoke on food

This problem tends to be caused by the venturi tubes being partially blocked thereby causing an incorrect gas-air mixture and giving you an improper burn.


  • Check and clean the venturi tubes.
  • Check the air shutters on the venturi tubes for the proper setting (gas-air mixture).

*Note: Many are now pre-set at factory and are not adjustable. You should also check the condition of burner port holes they may be clogged or in need of replacement.

Problem #5: My flame is too yellow


  • Check and clean the venturi tubes.
  • Check air shutters on venturi tubes for proper setting (gas-air mixture).

*Note: Many are now pre-set at factory and are not adjustable. Check condition of burner port holes.

Problem #6: Flashback (Flame burning at venturi, valve, console or knobs)


  • Immediately shut off the gas supply at cylinder valve for propane or at gas shut off valve for natural gas. Let barbecue cool.
  • Remove burner and check venturi tubes and orifice(s) for obstructions.

We have an upcoming post on spiders and how they can wreck havoc on your barbecue so look for it in the coming weeks.

Problem #7: Regulator Humming

This is not a defect or hazard. The noise is internal and caused by cold propane passing through a restricted passage. This problem usually occurs with a full tank in hot weather. Will subside as the weather cools and/or the level of the propane in the tank goes down. Check to make sure there are no leaks.

Problem #8: Burner lights with match, but not with igniter


  • Ensure push button is not broken or wet.
  • Verify to see if the wire is broken or frayed.
  • Check to see if electrode on the ceramic broken, blocked or out of alignment.
  • Make certain that the batteries do not need replacing.
  • Check for any obstruction in the venturi tubes.

Problem #9: Too much heat


  • Too much heat can be caused by excessive grease build-up (“Grease fire”), damaged or missing orifice(s), or a faulty regulator.
  • Another cause could be that there are too many rocks or that the rocks are too close together.

Problem #10: Excessive flare-up


  • Excessive flare-up can be caused by excessive grease build-up, clogged grease drain, or too much fatty food on the grill at one time.
  • Drain excess marinade off food before putting on grill.

Problem #11: Incomplete burner flame


  • Check and see if venturi tubes are obstructed.
  • Check and see if burner is obstructed or leaking.

We hope that these trouble-shooting tips help you have a healthier grilling experience without any of the issues we have touched upon above. These aren’t issues you will encounter much if you follow the tips we recently shared about cleaning your grill. And if these aren’t the answers or problems you have been facing then please come in and speak to one of specialists. Let us help you resolve your issues instead of replacing your entire barbecue. Feel free to let us know about your tips and solutions on our community pages.

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