How To Take The Headache Out Of Smoking Chips and Chunks


Its still summer or so we keep telling ourselves in Canada and most of us have been using our barbecues since the snow melted; we’ve made countless servings of hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, baked potatoes, grill veggies and whatever else you can add to your own personal list of stuff you have been grilling lately. Now today we are going to talk about something important in the flavor factor area; we’re going to talk about smoking. Yes smoking, not cigars, cigarettes or anything that requires you to be 9m from an entrance. I’m talking about smoking with wood to impart that very flavor you crave and associate with barbecuing and how to take the headache out of it.

If you ask me the best person to tell you has got to be Jon from our Kanata store. Jon is my bible when it comes to anything barbecue related and you’ll see why when you go into our Kanata store for supplies or your next barbecue purchase. Jon will more than likely point you directly to the Charcoal Room of Barbecue World where you will come across a wide variety of wood chips, chunks, pellets and bisquettes, these will all be in a multitude of flavors from Rum Barrel Chunks, to Jack Daniel’s wood smoking chips and Jim Beam oak flavored chips to organic cherry wood and my newest favorite Pimento wood chips from Jamaica (which for anyone who has been to Scotchy’s in Jamaica will know how incredible that taste is), we will focus on these and not the various kinds of charcoal or briquettes used to cook the food.

So according to Jon here are the basics every griller should know when it comes to smoking and using smoke to grill your food:

  • Chips will produce great smoke and are available in many flavours.
    For gas barbecues, always use a smoker box or foil pouch. For charcoal barbecues and smokers, put directly on hot coals. Chips are ideal for soaking. Soaked chips will take longer to light and the flavour will be more pronounced. Try a mix of 1/2 wet and 1/2 dry— and taste the magic happen in your mouth.
  • Pellets have the greatest selection of flavours.
    All pure, all wood, no bark. You only need a 1/3 cup for most cooking sessions. Its compact storage makes it a favorite among our Barbecue world customers. Please do not soak pellets, unless that is you want to not get the most from using them.
  • Large chunks are ideal for smokers and when cooking for longer periods of time
    (like when you are smoking a brisket or any other large meat requiring a longer cooking time). It isn’t required to soak larger chunks as it does not does not increase burn time and the water does not penetrate large chunks well. Which translates to use them as directed.
  • Never use wood that has been sprayed with insecticides
    or chemicals as it will not only part that flavor on your food it isn’t safe or healthy to consume.

Here are two amazing Grill master tips and tricks from Jon:

TIP 1:

“I would personally always recommend soaking your wood chips for at least 20 minutes or overnight in water for an even more effective smolder. But remember, there are no rules when smoking on a grill or smoker so feel free to play around with different methods, you can try creating your own wood chip, chunk and pellet blends and have fun experimenting to see what works best for you!"

TIP 2:

The second life hack for a grill master is to pre-soak your wood chips, strain them, then freeze in a zip lock bag so they are ready to use whenever you want!

Please come in and take a look at the smoking selection available to you for your next grilling meal we are sure to have something that your palate will go crazy for. Enjoy the grilling and we look forward to hearing how all your wonderful meals went on our social media accounts.