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Vital - Volcano Stone - 12" x 8"


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 Volcano Stone Cooking Tiles by Vital are 100% natural, and originate from the volcanic regions of Italy. Italy is home to some of the most active and dangerous volcanoes in the world, most notably Mount Vesuvious famous for its eruption that buried the Roman city of Pompeii. The cooking tile is a high rated thermal conductive and can absorb heat from a stovetop, oven or even BBQ and be used as the ideal surface to quickly sear, grill and cook your favorite meals. Discover hot stone cooking and avoid charring from an open flame as it was first discovered in Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. The Volcano Stone offers a whole new way to create a delicious crust on any meat, poultry, fish and even vegetable, locking in all the natural flavors, moisture and nutrients. The tile can also be heated and placed at the table for a plancha style experience with every bite cooked to your desire. Ideal for: Searing on a BBQ, plancha style grilling, stove top cooking, a cold tile for salads or desserts.

12" x 8" x .75"

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Additional Info

SKU VGL1000-01
Manufacturer Vital


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